Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Doves :: Some Cities

Manchester, UK trio Doves have recently released their third full length record, "Some Cities". It is magnificent in it's simple elegance. Smooth and suave vocals lay down together with excellent production and good taste to create a memorable and fantastic pop record. At times grand, at times fragile and vulnerable, Doves make concise and constructive use of the listener's precious time by generally getting right to the point. Calling on a rich pallet of pop nuance and wonderful Brittish rock and pop idioms to create a smooth riding vehicle for their collective agenda, Doves latest collection of songs bring to mind comparisons to innumerable pop bands, both past and present. The tones and colours are safe and recognizable in the best possible way, but the end result is something unique and invariable additive to the pop's visible spectrum. "Some Cities" offers perhaps, just another alternate version of a wonderfully familiar story.
Give it a listen.

Some Cities


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