Friday, April 08, 2005

Cass McCombs :: Prefection

Burgeoning indie superstar, Cass McCombs has released his latest record "Prefection". Like it's predessessor "A", it is full of charming, moody songs that create and uphold the big lonely world of characters that inhabit them. McCombs's smooth reverberated crooning is in top form on this release. Think My Morning Jacket, but with seemingly more thought put into composition and artistry. Think Lush or The Smiths without the self-consciousnessness and over-production. McCombs is a storyteller. His characters live in a place where the details aren't nearly as important as the sum of their parts.

"Prefection" is a bigger sounding record than his last offering. Songs like "Tourist Woman" come on strong and rougher than many of his past offerings, but leave the listener with the same good feelings. The first single "Sacred Heart" moves McCombs into a new league of sound. It shows a growth in songwriting and composition skills and I'd swear it was the best song The Smiths never wrote. For those of you already in love with Cass, fear not. There is plenty of everything you liked about "A" and the EP "Not the Way". The first track "Equinox" could have been included gracefully on either release. What makes "Prefection" great is that McCombs is very obviously exploring his potential as a great songwriter, while staying very true to what he does best. This is a BEAUTIFUL record from a TALENTED guy. There just aren't enough of those in the world to overlook them when they come along. Recommended.

Purchase now from iTunes and receive the exclusive bonus track: Twins for FREE!



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