Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Chris Church :: Let the Echo Decide

Hidden in the foothills of Western North Carolina is a true treasure. Chris Church is a veteran singer/songwriter who has been releasing great pop records for the last 15 years. The problem is that nobody has ever heard them. "Let the Echo Decide" is a record of great craft, thought, and pop mastery...but in a real North Carolinian way. It's not over produced, which is charming but marks this release to the casual listener as somewhat less polished than those of his contemporaries. Church could easily stand side by side with your Matthew Sweets, Alex Chiltons, or Andy Partridges if he could get his records recorded and produced with a little more pro sounding panache.

That said. The songwriting on "Let the Echo Decide" is excellent. The vocals are strong, seasoned and very compelling. The control that Church has over his material is apparent. This guy is the real thing and though his window is probably closed, this is what America should be looking to idolize. These strengths are worth nurturing not just as an individual, but as a culture. People who really create something, and then have the nuts to put it out and must be forced to have an echo decide their fate are indicative of the tragically plastic music biz of today.

Therefore, "Let the Echo Decide" may be a somewhat negative self-fulfilling prophesy for someone like Chris Church. Certainly, more exposure and a lucky break would ensure way more response than the empty, hollow echo so many of our greatest artists, musicians, craftsmen and thinkers are forced to face in the absense of big tits or a trust fund.

Morally and socially recommended.
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Let the Echo Decide


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