Friday, April 08, 2005

Animal Collective :: Sung Tongs

Hmmmmmmmmmm. What the fuck? It's like someone creeped into my head and wrote a sound track to a fitfull night's sleep. This record is perplexing and unpredictable. It's moody, mysterious and kinda spooky. Intense vocal orchestration in many of the tracks makes this record instantly unique and at times unsettling. Although Animal Collective have an unwavering melodic pervasiveness that keeps their music from completely derailing, they are given to flights of creative fancy that tend to make the record feel less succinct, less immediate or inspired - but no less effective.

That said, there is something really really different going on here. Something kinda special. Really "left of center" stuff. If you are the least bit adventurous, this record is most certainly worth a dedicated listen. If you are a fan of Brian Wilson's more adventurous stuff, Carl Stalling-esque dramatics, Gastr del Sol's quiet building of sonic landscapes and Simon and Garfunkeled acoustic tones...I'd say "Dude, you might really like Animal Collective.". And I think I'd be right. But fuckin'A - I wouldn't put it on the stereo at a party at the Tri-Delta house during homecoming. That'd be suicide - by god.


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