Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Fir-Ju Well :: Absolutely

A Fir-Ju Well's lastest full length is a stunning and stellar collection of songs. Pulling liberally from an arsenal of classic rock influence, the band reaches past the obvious homages to it's predecessors like The Kinks, The Doors, The Zombies, or The Band into new territory. A Fir-Ju Well seem to be trying to resuscitate rock and roll with their own passion for playing, writing, and rocking. Every song on the record takes you to another wonderful sonic neighborhood. Some full of piss and vinegar, some sugar and spice, but all very real and viceral. There are a few awkward moments, though far less than can be found on their previous records. All in all, a great record with some room for improvement that leaves you feeling like the next one is going to be amazing.
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