Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dungen :: Ta Det Lugnt

Sweeds! They are taking over Rock! Well, they might as well be. With the groundbreaking strides The Soundtrack of Our Lives has been making in the States of late, the desperate laser beam of Evil propelled by the music industry must certainly turn it's fare-weather gaze towards the fertile grounds of their mother country. But what's there waiting for them is a riddle that must be solved to be enjoyed; a sword that can only be wielded by the righteous. The sword of Dungen
Theatrics aside, "Ta Det Lugnt" is so absolutely great and exciting and fresh and totally Rock & Roll that it sounds like an anachronism. "Could this really be a new record?"

"Ta Det Lugnt" is a complex and beautiful progressive, hard-rock record. At times it resembles even the most blistering of Hendrix freak outs. At times it could easily be mistaken for an early Yes album. And then there is a freshness at play in this music. In the track "Festival", the huge majestic chorus echos a style and feel found in many contemporary indie rock records such as you might see in a release by Arcade Fire, or even Broken Social Scene. Many many different sounds and feels, all captured in a warm timeless fuzzy rock bottle and set to drift into the sea of rock sewage. And yet, as is perhaps the secret to any classic record - it remains at once completly undefinable and instantly understandable in part, but much greater and unforgettable when experienced as a whole. The record is compelling, catchy and epic in it's scope...and I don't understand a word of it. Sung entirely in the native Swedish tongue, it successfully grabs the listener in a place where it just no longer matters what the lyrics are, it just fucking rocks so hard.

On a personal note, I've been living with this record for about 5 months and EVERY SINGLE fan of rock I've shown it to has totally been sucked in. Get this record into your life.
If we rated records, this one would be like 93 thumbs up out of a possible 2.
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Blogger The Baron said...

Agreed. I am a fan of the ROCK and this CD blew my mind. Can't fathom what this dude is saying, but it probably has to do with the ROCK. You know, swedish chicks, swedish parties, swedish ways of making bold statements about life through ROCK prose. That type of stuff.

Sure wish I could turn the subtitles on my iPod, but I guess I'll have to wait for version 2006MXPumaTigerPanther of the iPod software for subtitles. Crap. Until then, Sckov Ljovk Svrsec Dungen!

8:02 AM  

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