Thursday, April 07, 2005

Black Mountain :: s/t

Black Mountain's self titled CD begins with a soulful cacauphonous celebration of slackness called "Modern Music". It's endearing and falls somewhere between a Springsteen anthem and a Pavement experiment. The record really draws the listener in and keeps him guessing. It's heavy, droning, riffs and psychedelic changes of feel and mood really work to it's advantage throughout the entire CD. Both a male and female voice are featured throughout the songs. Overall, the record is heavy, soulful, and very interesting. The songs are long, and probably what most would dub, "Stoner Rock"...but there is a little more at work here. There is a craftsmanship to the songs that may perhaps portend a greater depth than your average riff spitting, bong bubbling drone hounds. Like track 6 boasts, there are "No Hits" on this record, but that is not the surprise. The surprise comes when you realize this record totally rocks precisely because of that fact. Highly recommended.
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