Thursday, April 07, 2005

Arcade Fire :: Funeral

This is The Baron. I don't pipe up often. Only when it is absolutely neccessary (AKA Important).

Just a general plea to all to hop on the overflowing bandwagon. The bandwagon is buckling, leaking at the seams...and for once, we're all on it for the right reason...we chose to...because we believe...the cause is true...the rumors are fact. The Arcade Fire's debut album Funeral is the most important record to come out in recent times.

Not because it sounds like the dream of past greats, not because it blossoms with extended play, not because it is about real feelings captured in real performances, not because the vocal takes smoke, not because it sounds like The Talking Heads and The Rock*a*Teens finest moments (of which there were many), not because it is currently kicking your record's and my record's ass and not because the melodies are classic (because as you might have guessed it embodies all of these things)...

This record is important because it is on fire with the ROCK. This is a rare and sacred piece. I believe in the ROCK. I live for the pure source. Here it is.

I'm not one for details, those are for you to discover. Do not miss this. The Baron has spoken.
Purchase now from:
Black Mountain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Review. You really like that record a lot. That enthusiasm is fantastic. That is what ROCK is all about. Anyway, I own the record...but your review made me re-listen to it.

11:00 AM  

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